Hello, Dorothy!

Welcome to the first in many websites that you will build.

From your experience, creating a web page is less straightforward than what many people ascribe it to be. Building web pages can be somewhat difficult even when using a tool kit like WordPress. The process can be rather difficult. But it gets better with time. One of the advantages of using WordPress is that you can concentrate on the content of your web page, the essential part, and leave the design and functionality to others if you want to go behind the scenes and fiddle around with it.

Just relax and allow your creativity to take hold. Fortunately, this is not a class; there’s no penalty for failure.

Ped Xing, Web sage

I stated many times before that you have to devote hours reading and watching to understand something like HTML5, CSS, and website kits like WordPress. You don’t take just one class and become an expert. Like any craft, it takes many hours of devotion and patience to reach competency, let alone mastery level output. Read books and articles. Find tutorials and videos. You might even want to take a class. Remember, expertise comes at a level where you can take the knowledge of what you know and apply it successfully in areas just beyond your current scope.